🤔 What is going on with the OpenAI Board? 🤯

🤔 Turmoil at OpenAI: CEO Ousted and Boardroom Drama! 🤯

🗞️ Big news from OpenAI: CEO Sam Altman is out, heading to Microsoft, amidst a whirlwind of boardroom drama. Co-founder Ilya Sutskever, initially a key player in Sam’s dismissal, is now calling for his return. What’s really happening behind the scenes?

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💪 Turning a Layoff into an Opportunity for Resilience and Growth 🌱

💙 Experiencing a layoff? It’s not just a job loss; it’s a unique chance for growth. Discover how to harness this opportunity to redefine your career and build resilience, inspired by insights from Vivek Gulati and Emma Seppälä. Transform this challenge into a stepping stone for success. Also, here my thoughts and my offer to help! 🙂

Turning Mystery Greens into Gourmet Feasts and Unknown Business Challenges into Opportunities 🌿

Are you ready to turn your “what the kale?!” moments into a delectable feast of success—both in the kitchen and in the boardroom? 🌟

Dive into the art of transforming a mysterious medley of greens into gourmet delights. But it’s not just about culinary prowess—it’s a metaphor for mastering the unknown in business with a sprinkle of strategy and a dash of creativity. 🥗✨

Discover my secret sauce to cooking up any green and how this same recipe spices up my approach to business challenges. From the simplicity of SWOT to the dynamic dance of the TOWS Matrix, get ready to whip up strategies that are not just insightful but actionable. 📈

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✋🛑 Interruptions have a bad rap…

🤔 Credited with robbing our focus and productivity, interruptions couldn’t possible be useful…could they?

🌳 Nature tends to introduce interruptions…

🍁 In Autumn, trees shed their leaves and take a break from photosynthesis and go dormant.

💪 In a spectacular show of survivalism, trees take the remaining nutrients from their leaves turning them brilliant colors, painting creative landscapes. Then, they drop their leaves conserving water and energy, as it reduces water loss and prevents damage from freezing temperatures. The trees will absorb some of the nutrients from the leaves and store them so they can be used later. This scheduled interruption allows the tree to prepare for the winter, and reemergence in the spring.

💡 In this way, trees interrupt their growth and thriving in their journey toward creativity, and future productivity. Humans can as well!

🍁💪 So, what’s your ‘foot speed’? Maybe it’s time we all started training that bit smarter, not just physically but mentally. Whether you’re aiming to be the next Usain Bolt or the best version of yourself…

Update – October 23, 2023

This is a special type of newsletter, it is more of an update from the last week or so…. I am writing about Healthcare, The Future of Work, and My Human Journey. I guarantee you will find something useful! If you really cannot find something useful, let me know and I will consider writing about something that is useful to you! 🙂