Who We Are

Navaste Health LLC is a premier healthcare consulting firm dedicated to fostering profitability, improving health outcomes, and promoting ethical business practices in the healthcare sector. We provide strategic guidance to a diverse range of stakeholders in the health industry, ensuring that they excel in today’s dynamic and complex market landscape.
Our vision is anchored in the principles of value-driven care and consumer-informed competition, which we believe are fundamental to a thriving health economy. Our client portfolio includes health organizations, care providers, technology startups, health insurers, government bodies, and other entities actively shaping the future of healthcare.
Our specialized services encompass:
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Comprehensive Strategic Planning, Program Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Business Leadership Reinforcement
  • Streamlined Operations Leadership
  • Product Leadership Enhancement
  • People Operations, Talent Acquisition, and Purpose Leadership
  • Advanced Technology and Data Analytics Strategy
  • Achieving Outcomes that Resonate with Consumers
  • Empowering Consumers with Robust Data, Tools, and Services
With Navaste Health LLC, you’re partnering with a talent that’s committed to driving success and forging a brighter future for healthcare. 
Keegan Bailey (LinkedIn) – President and CEO, Founder and Chief Value Architect
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