馃挕 Addressing Healthcare Challenges Through Thoughtful Integration of Remote Patient Monitoring

Ever wondered about the crescendo behind the surging demand for in-home care? 馃彙

With Medicare’s whopping $16.9 billion expenditure on home healthcare, the narrative is loud and clear – the realm of healthcare is extending its horizons, right into our homes.

But amidst this shift, one protagonist is quietly yet profoundly reshaping the healthcare scene – Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). 馃搱

Yet, it’s not about the flashy tech demos or the buzz of innovation; it’s about thoughtful integration. My journey through the healthcare tech landscape has unraveled a pivotal truth – integration is everything. It’s the bridge that connects technology with real-world healthcare delivery.

Good RPM isn’t about how sleek an app looks or the size of a marketing budget; it’s about the essence of service to its core users – the patients, the healthcare providers, and the payers. It’s about how seamlessly it melds into the daily routines of healthcare delivery, adding value, enhancing experience, and most importantly, fostering better health outcomes.

My blog dives deeper into this narrative, unraveling the intricacies of RPM integration in the burgeoning landscape of in-home care. We explore the real-world implications of RPM, moving beyond the gloss of tech innovation to the heart of patient-centric service.

Are you intrigued by the transformative potential of RPM in home healthcare? 馃専

Are you keen on exploring how thoughtful integration can be a game-changer in delivering value-driven, patient-centered healthcare right at home?

My blog where these discussions come to life, offering a blend of insightful analysis, real-world examples, and a glimpse into the future of home-based healthcare.

Turning Mystery Greens into Gourmet Feasts and Unknown Business Challenges into Opportunities 馃尶

Are you ready to turn your “what the kale?!” moments into a delectable feast of success鈥攂oth in the kitchen and in the boardroom? 馃専

Dive into the art of transforming a mysterious medley of greens into gourmet delights. But it’s not just about culinary prowess鈥攊t’s a metaphor for mastering the unknown in business with a sprinkle of strategy and a dash of creativity. 馃鉁

Discover my secret sauce to cooking up any green and how this same recipe spices up my approach to business challenges. From the simplicity of SWOT to the dynamic dance of the TOWS Matrix, get ready to whip up strategies that are not just insightful but actionable. 馃搱

No more bland advice or indigestible plans. It’s time for a menu of actionable business insights served with a side of culinary charm. 馃嵈馃搳

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馃 馃 Why are there so many Generative AI skeptics in healthcare?

馃 馃 Why are there so many Generative AI skeptics in healthcare?

I guess there will always be technology skeptics. It’s healthy to question the benefits of something you have never used.

On the other hand, it seems fashionable to dismiss the possibilities that Gen AI brings to healthcare.
鉁 Is it easy to just doubt the role of machines in keeping us healthy?
鉁 Has the press scared them into thinking doctors will be replaced?
鉁 Do they struggle to see how busy clinicians would find time to learn a new technology?
鉁 Are they worried about the risks to patient safety?

馃憜 I have spent most of my career evaluating health technology, and there is one criterion that has emerged as the most important…. 馃憞

馃憜 I have spent most of my career evaluating health technology, and there is one criterion that has emerged as the most important…. 馃憞

馃敡 It has little to do with the features of the tech…

馃挵 It has little to do with the viability of the company….

馃З It’s NOT just about the tech.

馃挱 What’s interesting is that over the years, I have developed complex frameworks to determine impact, clinical efficacy, and sustainability…

馃挕 Nearly every evaluation was about much more than the tech itself. Each time there was a larger goal, and I spent as much time perfecting my mastery of that goal as I did on the tech itself. You see, tech is never the goal.

馃幆 Technology is not the destination; it鈥檚 the vehicle.

Our true targets?

鉁嬸煕 Interruptions have a bad rap鈥

馃 Credited with robbing our focus and productivity, interruptions couldn鈥檛 possible be useful…could they?

馃尦 Nature tends to introduce interruptions…

馃崄 In Autumn, trees shed their leaves and take a break from photosynthesis and go dormant.

馃挭 In a spectacular show of survivalism, trees take the remaining nutrients from their leaves turning them brilliant colors, painting creative landscapes. Then, they drop their leaves conserving water and energy, as it reduces water loss and prevents damage from freezing temperatures. The trees will absorb some of the nutrients from the leaves and store them so they can be used later. This scheduled interruption allows the tree to prepare for the winter, and reemergence in the spring.

馃挕 In this way, trees interrupt their growth and thriving in their journey toward creativity, and future productivity. Humans can as well!

馃崄馃挭 So, what鈥檚 your ‘foot speed’? Maybe it鈥檚 time we all started training that bit smarter, not just physically but mentally. Whether you鈥檙e aiming to be the next Usain Bolt or the best version of yourself…

馃様 Poor New Yorkers report high rates of anxiety and/or depression…

馃様 Poor New Yorkers report high rates of anxiety and/or depression…

馃挵 Half of New Yorkers making under $25,000 a year are battling anxiety or depression, a striking contrast to the just over one in five of their counterparts earning $100,000 or more who face the same struggles. This stark divide underscores the heavy toll that financial strain places on mental well-being.

Nationally, behavioral health conditions account for avoidable emergency department care costing billions annually…

鉂わ笍 Value Based Payments in Medicaid can improve behavioral health!

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馃 The business world has a trust problem….

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