✋🛑 Interruptions have a bad rap…

🤔 Credited with robbing our focus and productivity, interruptions couldn’t possible be useful…could they?

🌳 Nature tends to introduce interruptions…

🍁 In Autumn, trees shed their leaves and take a break from photosynthesis and go dormant.

💪 In a spectacular show of survivalism, trees take the remaining nutrients from their leaves turning them brilliant colors, painting creative landscapes. Then, they drop their leaves conserving water and energy, as it reduces water loss and prevents damage from freezing temperatures. The trees will absorb some of the nutrients from the leaves and store them so they can be used later. This scheduled interruption allows the tree to prepare for the winter, and reemergence in the spring.

💡 In this way, trees interrupt their growth and thriving in their journey toward creativity, and future productivity. Humans can as well!

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