✨ I am a big fan of thinking outside of the box in healthcare…

🚨 On Sunday, there was a big announcement…

🚀 General Catalyst launched the Health Assurance Transformation Corp. (HATCo). It is clear that GC is looking for solutions in unexpected places…

What sets HATCo apart:

1️⃣ A true alignment of stakeholder interests. This is a relief. There are many aspects of healthcare that suffer from no alignment. It creates siloed operations, and also siloed disciplines. This has made systems thinking in healthcare extinct.

2️⃣ More ‘patient’ capital with decades-long time horizon. Short-sited investing in healthcare is maddening. Investors should be forced to study Public Health to really understand what is required to effect change. It takes more time than you think.

3️⃣ A reorientation around platform innovations. There is something to be said for solid “point solutions”. In my experience the typical issue with point solutions is that they are developed with myopic thinking. Solutions that start with their place in the ecosystem in mind are great partners.

4️⃣ A commitment to ‘radical collaboration’. Let’s go! Healthcare cannot get enough of this.

5️⃣ A decisive pivot to value-based care. It’s so refreshing to hear more commitment to this. It’s good. It works, and we need more value at scale.

Oh and BTW… acquiring a health system is also part of the plan 🤯 Presumably this will be a laboratory for GC’s work. I love it!

🌟 Cheers to Hemant Taneja & Marc Harrison on their collaborative venture, a transformative entity committed to reshaping the healthcare landscape.

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